Custom Cookie Pricing 

Printed Cookies 

$55 per dozen
Designs are PRINTED using an edible ink printer. Great for corporate logos!

Standard Cookies 

 $65 per dozen 
White + 4 colors, up to 3 standard shapes/designs per dozen. 

Detailed Cookies

 $75 per dozen
White + 6 colors, up to 4 shapes/designs per dozen (mix of standard and detailed designs). 
Watercolor, gold/silver metallics, florals, etc. will all be considered “Detailed”. 
Custom Cake Pricing 

We do not have a set price on our custom cakes as each one is different. There are various factors involved in pricing our cakes such as flavor, design, artwork, and the time we spend working on your design. Keep in mind that the more elaborate the design the higher the cost. 

We also love inspiration photos however no design will be identical, but we will always do our very best to bring your vision to life.